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is it safe to travel to morocco

Is it safe to travel to Morocco right now?

In recent years, Morocco has experienced a significant increase in the number of foreign visitors. This surge can be attributed to the growing interest among tourists in seeking out adventurous and distinctive travel experiences. When traveling to a country that meets these criteria, it’s important to note that certain aspects, such as public safety and societal norms, may differ from what you are accustomed to. So, is it safe to travel to Morocco right now?

Is Morocco safe?

Morocco is a safe country for travel as long as you have a good understanding of its laws and cultural customs and respect and follow them accordingly. Morocco has relatively low crime rates, but it is important to be cautious of scam artists and pickpockets, as they can be quite common in the country.

Public safety

A big part of Morocco’s economy depends on tourists, so many people have switched to scams and “tourist traps” that can catch even the most experienced travelers off guard.

Pickpocketing and small crimes happen a lot in Morocco, especially near souqs and medinas. Carry small amounts of cash, don’t wear expensive jewelry, and keep your money and other valuables out of sight and in places that are easy to get to. If you go to a market to buy something, be ready for sellers to beg and try to sell you things aggressively, especially if they know you have a lot of cash on you. People who are asking are also often very rude around ATMs in touristy areas. The most important thing is to keep your ID and extra cash safe in the hotel.

In Morocco’s main towns and cities, you might meet people who say they are “official tour guides” or “helpful locals” while you are sightseeing in tourist spots. Be careful with these services, because there are a lot of illegal tour guides in Fes and Marrakech who will offer to take you to places where they can make money by selling things to you for a higher price. Learn as much as you can about city tours, and if someone offers you one on the street, politely decline their offer. Sometimes, they may still want to be paid, even if all they did was follow you around while you looked at the sights. They might say “no money,” but they’ll still want to be paid.

Taxis in Morocco, like taxis in many other places, are often just a way for tourists to get around. When taking a cab in Morocco, you should always agree on a price before you get in. Many drivers will charge you a lot more when you get there.

Safety for solo female travelers.

In many parts of Morocco, especially at night, women may not feel safe when men approach them or pay attention to them. Unfortunately, verbal abuse on the streets is pretty common in Morocco. Women can be targeted at any time of the day if they are going alone. Men on the street may be interested in female travelers, especially if they are traveling alone, and they are more likely to be watched, accosted, and even attacked. Move around in groups of three or more if you can, and stay on streets that are well-lit.

Respecting native cultures and ways of life is part of Intrepid’s travel philosophy. When you’re in Morocco, you should dress more modestly than you might normally do, especially around churches and other places of worship. For everyday travel, wear clothes that cover your knees and shoulders. When you go to a mosque, make sure your clothes cover your elbows to your ankles. Also, you should wear a scarf over your hair. Click here to learn more about what to bring with you to Morocco.

In Morocco, is it safe to travel to Morocco right now? You should be careful, even when you’re in a private area. Lock the door to your room at night, even if you’re inside, and don’t leave hotel staff alone in your room. For your own safety, if hotel workers need to get into your room for any reason, ask them to do it while you’re not there, or wait at the front desk while they clean or fix something. Make sure you have all of your valuables with you at all times and that they are locked safely in the hotel. Take a hotel card with you when you check out so you can remember the address and phone numbers.

How to keep yourself safe in Morocco

  • When you go on walks and tours, especially at night, travel with a small group.
  • Protect what’s important.
  • Do your homework on tours of cities and stays in the country.
  • Honor the dress rules and traditions of the area.
  • Do not drink water from the tap. (very important).

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